Forum: Ideas to improve road network and driving experience

As a frequent road user, I commend the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for Singapore's excellent road network and infrastructure.

Looking at the newly completed highways, with more to come, gives me a sense that we can look forward to better days to come.

These are just some examples of the hard work put in by LTA engineers, staff and contractors in designing and building the efficient road network.

However, there is also a need to improve the following areas:

Using technology to improve traffic flow

For example, there are more than 10 traffic junctions within a short distance of 3km along Upper Serangoon Road from Upper Serangoon Crescent to Tampines Road.

Along Jurong East Avenue 1, there are also 10 traffic junctions (including signalised pedestrian crossings) between Jurong Town Hall Road and Corporation Road within a short distance of 2km.

This "stop-go-stop" traffic along these stretches not only results in inefficient fuel consumption in vehicles but also frustrates drivers.

Some years ago, efforts were made to generate a smooth flow of traffic by synchronising traffic lights, including signalised pedestrian crossings, for the green-wave effect.

In our drive towards a Smart Nation, the authorities can use technology to further control traffic flow to enhance the driving experience.

Minimising digging up of roads

It is sad to see that newly paved roads are often dug up again for laying service and utility cables. There seems to be a lack of coordination.

Last year, a stretch of road along Bukit Batok Street 11 was dug up three weeks after it was paved.

Improving material used for roads

Because of the recent wet weather, many potholes have appeared on Singapore roads (Sharp rise in number of potholes, Jan 16).

Motorists and motorcyclists are often seen taking evasive actions that are dangerous and can cause accidents.

It may be necessary to look into the quality of the asphalt used for our roads. Perhaps a better quality of asphalt or bitumen mix is needed.

Ong Pak Shoon

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