Forum: How did clearing of woodland happen and will those responsible be punished?

How can large swathes of Kranji woodland be erroneously cleared by contractor Huationg before JTC Corporation gave the green light to do so (Kranji woodland cleared by mistake; NParks investigating, Feb 17)?

Singapore already has limited areas of greenery, so I would presume that the National Parks Board and nature groups would be consulted before any clearing is done. Will JTC Corporation and Huationg be held responsible for this irreversible act, to deter future occurrences?

Singaporeans should conserve whatever greenery and wildlife we can, and stop complaining that animals are encroaching into our living space when we continue to destroy theirs.

Please leave whatever is left of the rail corridor alone and increase the conservation of forested areas, so that Singaporeans can be proud that we are doing our small part to protect our environment.

Christine Kee