Forum: Home cleaning scheme may entice maids to hop over

A maid from Myanmar joined my family this year to care for my elderly father.

She has informed us that she will be leaving in December to be a part-time cleaner under the Household Services Scheme (HSS).

She said she is joining the scheme with her friends, who are also maids, as they can earn more.

Maids may prefer the HSS as it offers them the freedom to live on their own and have fixed working hours.

While some employers may be able to offer their maid a higher salary to entice them to stay, not everyone has the financial ability to do so.

Conditions like days off or fixed working hours can be hard to work around if the maid cares for someone who needs attention around the clock.

In hiring a caregiver, not only do employers pay hefty fees upfront to the employment agency, but they also spend time and effort assimilating her into the family.

If they are not able to hire a caregiver due to a shortage in supply or high cost, family members will have to give up their jobs to do the caregiving themselves.

It worries me that many families may soon be faced with this situation.

There needs to be more support for such families.

Jennifer Tay

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