Forum: Help seniors access e-records of test results instead of hard copy

I write in response to Mr Chun Shian Chew's Forum letter "Admin fee for copy of test results unreasonable" (Oct 2).

Test results are now easily available on the HealthHub Web portal and mobile app, which have made it possible to access test results any time, anywhere, online. Seniors can also ask their loved ones to help them check their test results.

Mr Chun's experience of obtaining free results should not be the norm.

Attending to requests for the hard copy of medical tests costs money, including printing costs, paper costs and salaries of added staff to deal with this administrative burden.

Obtaining a hard copy is also not environmentally friendly.

Let's not burden an already stressed healthcare system further, especially during a pandemic.

When a free and online system is available to see test results, it is more than reasonable to impose fees for the hard copy.

I would argue that a further environmental surcharge should be imposed in the light of the above reasons, to discourage paper copies.

The solution should be engaging and helping seniors access their own records in HealthHub, rather than moving back to using paper and killing trees.

Lim Kah Wee

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