Forum: Help needed for the 'low-wage educated'

I graduated from a local university in 2009 with a Stem (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) major.

I had student debts of $30,000, and getting a job during the financial crisis at that time was a challenge.

There was little of the kind of job support and other support schemes which fresh graduates in the current pandemic crisis have now.

I've had four jobs already, and am now back at the first company that I joined.

My salary has been stagnating at 80 per cent of the national median monthly income, with a wage increase over the last 10 years that is less than that for the 20th percentile.

I hope there will be policies to help people like me, in terms of improving our wages, as it is known that graduates in a recession earn lower lifetime income compared with other cohorts.

Liu Rijing

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