Forum: Help full-timers and contract workers work better together in the workplace

More can be done to build workplaces where contract and full-time employees can co-exist peacefully.

Full-time employees may view contract professionals with specialised skills hired to implement short-term transformational projects as a threat or find it unfair that they are paid the same or even more.

Contract workers may be envious of full-time employees' job security and benefits, such as paid leave.

Contractors on a fixed-fee arrangement may prefer to complete tasks faster than full-time employees whose compensation does not change with the project's finish date. Both parties should work at a pace comfortable for both.

Employers must discuss motivations and end goals with their employees and contract workers. This helps employees get the recognition they deserve and helps contract workers obtain the goodwill that generates referrals.

Everyone working on a project should be given the information, tools and access needed to be effective. This would dispel any sense of us-versus-them between the two groups.

The contingent workforce provides valuable support, and a united workforce would benefit all.

Hannah Chua Hui Zhen

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