Forum: HDB might need to step in if labour crunch persists for town council managing agents

It is worrisome that Sengkang Town Council did not receive any bids during its tender exercise for a managing agent last month.

The town council's former managing agent cited the tight labour market as a reason for not putting in a new bid (EM Services cites manpower crunch for not making Sengkang bid, May 20).

I hope that it is purely a matter of considering costs and benefits when a managing agent decides not to put in a bid.

Factors like which political party is in charge of the constituency should not be a concern. To overthink issues not related to how best to serve the residents would be doing a grave disservice to all the residents.

The Housing Board may need to step in if a town council cannot find any willing bidder to be its managing agent.

If the tight labour market continues for the next few years, many constituencies' managing agents may not be able to continue offering their services.

Continuity of services is a key priority. The HDB needs to ensure that provision of services by all town councils is done promptly and cost-effectively.

Foo Sing Kheng

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