Forum: Hawkers, small retailers will lose out once CDC vouchers can be used at supermarkets

I am not in favour of allowing the 2023 and 2024 tranches of Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers to be used at major supermarket chains (Digitalisation of CDC vouchers seamless and beneficial for all, say heartland merchants, May 14).

I believe that these vouchers should help hawkers and small retailers. Allowing their use at supermarkets will likely mean that most of the vouchers will be spent there, especially the larger-denomination vouchers.

It is difficult to spend the $10 vouchers at hawker stalls and small retailers as the purchase amounts tend to be small.

I also support earlier calls for the system to allow the user to key in the exact amount to be spent before generating a QR code to be scanned. A system like this would do away with the mental arithmetic needed to figure out what combination of vouchers and cash needs to be used to pay for the purchase. The user would also not have to use his phone and then handle cash.

Phua Kok Hee

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