Forum: Having kids is challenging but brings boundless joy

I refer to the article "Pandemic a factor behind more couples choosing to be child-free" (Nov 21).

Couples interviewed in the story cited anxiety about the world, worry about the future and curtailment of their freedom as reasons for not wanting to have children.

From time immemorial, the human race has been besieged by problems and has emerged stronger after the ordeals.

Likewise, married couples should be steadfast to overcome their fears and worries.

Bringing up children is no walk in the park. The journey is both enormous and challenging, but the reward it brings is boundless joy and happiness.

Seeking permanent sterilisation at an early age has its setbacks (People who go for sterilisation ops still mostly those in their 30s, 40s, Nov 21). It was reported that studies suggest that up to 26 per cent of women regret their decision after a sterilisation procedure.

It is of paramount importance therefore, to ponder carefully an immense decision which may haunt you later in life.

Bennie Cheok

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