Forum: Having fewer passport pages not cost-effective

We thank Mr Gil Simon Schneider for the suggestion in his letter, "Give option of 32-page passport" (May 14).

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had earlier conducted a study which found that a 64-page passport meets the needs of the majority of Singaporeans.

Offering different options on the number of passport pages would drive up the cost per passport, due to reduced economies of scale. ICA would be printing passports with different numbers of pages, and each category would be smaller in number, than if we printed only 64-page passports.

In addition, travellers who opt for a passport with fewer pages may need to renew their passport more frequently, should they need to travel more often than they had earlier expected.

We would like to assure Mr Schneider that ICA regularly monitors global passport standards and developments, and ensures that the Singapore passport continues to meet our citizens' needs.

Patrick Ong

Head, Public Communications and Protocol

Corporate Communications and Service Division

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

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