Forum: Have location marker instead stickers on lamp post

The issue on making an exception to allow the pasting of stickers on a Tuas lamp post has drawn differing opinions (Cyclists cheer move to allow pasting of stickers on Tuas lamp post, Jan 8; and Pasting stickers on lamp post an act of vandalism, Jan 12).

I suggest a nicely designed marker post be installed in the vicinity of the lamp post. This post should be made from recycled materials and include the location name and GPS coordinates.

Preferably, its location has a nice background for photo taking.

People should be allowed to paste stickers and even scribble on the installed post. This way, we can remove the stickers on the lamp post in accordance with the vandalism law but, at the same time, provide visitors (especially cyclists) with a location marker at this far end of western Singapore.

Indeed, our popular islandwide cycling routes or park connector network should also have such marker posts at strategic locations.

Steve Goh

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