Forum: Have clearer guidelines for using rostered routine testing

Clearer guidelines are needed on the frequency of rostered routine testing and how test results can be tendered for inspection.

The recent self-testing initiative has resulted in knee-jerk reactions from many firms and has the potential for indiscriminate and wasteful testing frequencies with very little benefit to society as a whole.

I am subjected to an ART (antigen rapid test) self-test in front of a security officer on every entry to the premises where I work largely with information technology equipment that cannot be infected.

Given that we may need to be tested for entry to other locations, it is possible to end up doing the ART a few times a day, wasting test kits that could be better used elsewhere.

The Sunday Times (Over 1.2m ART kits to be given to public officers for testing regime, Oct 3) reported that doing a regular ART, once every seven days, is required for staff working in higher-risk mask-off settings or have prolonged or frequent interactions with the community, including those in healthcare, eldercare and in settings with children.

One possible approach would be to consider clear, dated photos (for example, with the use of the day's newspaper) of a negative ART test result and the person's name written as acceptable evidence of a test done recently. The person can then use this same photo at various locations, and for the seven days from which it is taken.

Tan Shao Yi

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