Forum: Have certified labels for inspected food products

I refer to the Singapore Food Agency's (SFA) recent issuing of a recall of three products from Feng He Garden brand that exceed authorised levels of preservatives (Feng He Garden brand sauce and paste products recalled as preservatives exceed permitted levels: SFA, Nov 6).

I am disappointed and shocked, as I have been using these products in my family's meals for several years. They are not new products.

I believed that every food product sold here is checked by SFA, and is safe for consumption. SFA's recent announcement makes me wonder if there are other types of food sold here that may not be safe for consumption.

The SFA website states that not every food item in the market can be inspected and tested.

I suggest having labels on food packaging to indicate that the product has been inspected and certified safe by SFA, so consumers can opt to buy only certified products.

Tan Saw Bin

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