Forum: Grassroots organisations can help to manage parking issues in private estates

I refer to the letter "Private estate residents treating roads as private parking space" by Madam Low Li Li (Dec 23).

Unlike public housing estates and condominiums, private housing estates do not provide parking facilities for residents, and residents have little option but to park their cars along the road in front of their houses.

Thanks to the People's Association, almost every housing estate in Singapore, whether public or private, is "managed" by its own grassroots organisation.

These organisations manage all the needs and problems of the estates, including parking issues.

In private housing estates, the grassroots organisations' representatives are often familiar with the residents.

Residents usually park their cars in an orderly manner, being mindful of the garbage trucks that have to weave their way through the estate.

On rare occasions when a garbage truck is unable to drive past a resident's car, the worker simply rings the doorbell of the resident's house and the issue would be resolved without fuss.

Residents in private housing estates are familiar with which car belongs to which neighbour and any parking issues are usually resolved amicably.

Parking problems in private housing estates are usually caused by non-residents seeking free parking to patronise nearby eateries, or residents of nearby public housing estates seeking to save on season parking fees.

The Land Transport Authority is fully aware of parking issues in private housing estates and it works closely with the grassroots organisations to manage them.

Madam Low did not say whether she is a resident of a private housing estate or a non-resident parking in the area.

In either case, she should refer her complaint to the relevant grassroots organisation for review.

Chia Boon Teck

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