Forum: Grandparents’ childcare services help alleviate shortage of places at centres

I agree that grandparents who are primary caregivers should be paid (Grandparents serving as primary caregivers should be compensated, Jan 21).

The services grandparents provide help alleviate the shortage of infantcare places at centres. The adult-to-baby ratio is also much better since there is generally at least one adult caring for one baby, whereas a childcare centre may have one caregiver for every five babies.

As Dr Rebecca Chan put it, “choosing not to talk about money does not mean that (the grandparents) do not want to be compensated for the sacrifice of their time, freedom and social life they once enjoyed”.

The same subsidies that go to the care of children in childcare centres could be paid to grandparents who provide the same service at home. It would make it more equitable, and help to build a Singapore made for families.

Lisa Ng

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