Forum: Govt higher education bursaries have wide coverage

We thank Mr Edmund Lim Wee Kiat for his views on ensuring the affordability of tertiary education in Singapore (University fees should be affordable for Singaporeans, Dec 12).

The Ministry of Education’s financial assistance criteria seek to ensure that every Singaporean student, regardless of family financial circumstances, is able to reach his full potential in life.

In this regard, government bursaries for higher education are not just available for those from low-income families, but also cover middle-income families up to the 66th percentile of households.

The wide coverage reflects the Government’s commitment to supporting Singaporeans through tertiary education. Those from low-income households receive a higher level of financial support. Bursaries for undergraduate and diploma students were also recently enhanced in the 2020 academic year.

Beyond government bursaries, students may also receive additional aid such as scholarships, loans and work-study schemes, which cover tuition fees and help defray living expenses.

We will continue to support students in their journey, and hope that those who have benefitted from such financial assistance will, in time, pay it forward and contribute back to society according to their individual abilities.

Clarence Tang

Divisional Director, Finance and Procurement Division

Ministry of Education

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