Forum: Government digital directory often out of date

The Singapore Government Directory was phased out in 2010. The last print version of the directory, with 1,268 pages, was made available in August of that year.

The information then was very comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date. It covered most of the officers, from top management to even the most junior office-holders.

Today, the digital version includes only the department heads and a few directors. One statutory board has only the e-mail addresses of its officers and no contact numbers.

Two years ago, I highlighted the inaccuracy of Singapore General Hospital's e-directory to the hospital. Certain officers had left the service and been replaced.

It took more than two weeks from the time I informed the hospital of this for the information to be updated.

What is needed is a robust regime in which the Ministry of Communications and Information checks and ensures all information is accurate, comprehensive and updated regularly by each organisation.

The information should be comparable to the Singapore Government Directory print version of yesteryear.

There is no excuse for not doing so in this digital age where ease of updating is just pressing a few buttons on a keyboard.

The website is put up by the Government to provide information to the public.

It must be accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date at all times.

David Kwok

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