Forum: Good time to improve, standardise TraceTogether token specifications

TraceTogether has worked well in contact tracing, and the widespread use of TraceTogether tokens has been a key factor in this.

However, there are two areas that could be improved upon.

First, the tokens come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The difference is more than aesthetic. There are significant differences in the size and weight of the devices.

These are likely due to contracts awarded to different manufacturers. I have observed how people favour and even hunt around for small, sleek tokens.

Now that it has been a year since the TraceTogether tokens were introduced, it is a good time to revise, improve and standardise the specifications of these devices.

Second, TraceTogether tokens are personal devices carried on the person, attached to a lanyard or in a pocket or purse, and so should not be reused.

I recently replaced my token and was given a pre-used one with scratches, stains and grime.

While Singapore is aiming to cut e-waste, hygiene during this period of ongoing Covid-19 transmission is especially important.

Perhaps the authorities could consider issuing everyone with an improved token, with features that allow the battery to be changed easily by trained personnel at designated centres when necessary, avoiding the need to return it and get another token, one that could have belonged to and been carried by someone else.

Reuben Wong

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