Forum: Good parking etiquette key to safe, accessible roads in private estates

We refer to Madam Low Li Li's letter "Private estate residents treating roads as private parking space" (Dec 23).

In private estates, residents and their visitors are encouraged to park their vehicles within their residential compound. As roads can be narrow in these areas, we seek residents' cooperation to be considerate and to practise good parking etiquette.

Indiscriminately parked vehicles can impede the access of emergency vehicles during emergencies and cause obstruction to other road users.

Therefore, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) takes a serious view of this and we will take action against offenders.

We have contacted Madam Low to better understand the situation in her estate.

Members of the public can report illegal parking via the OneService application or call the LTA hotline on 1800-338-6622. We will look into each issue expeditiously.

Chandrasekar Palanisamy

Group Director, Traffic and Road Operations

Land Transport Authority

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