Forum: Glad Colin Schooling is remembered so affectionately

I read with sadness the article, "Colin Schooling, father of Olympic champion Joseph, dies aged 73" (Nov 18).

I write to express my condolences to Joseph Schooling and his mother May Yim.

Whenever I read about the Schoolings, I think theirs is a classic story of a Singaporean family who made something good out of their lives.

How the Schoolings resolved to give their son the best they could afford is worthy of emulation. The pair sacrificed a Perth home, cashed out on an endowment plan and poured a huge sum into financing a training stint in the United States for their son.

Colin Schooling left his wife and son with many wonderful memories of times spent with them doing simple things. Joseph Schooling remembers his dad taking the family to Kuala Lumpur, putting them up in basic hotels, spending time with them at the hawker centre in East Coast Park and driving them around.

Joseph Schooling also remembers his dad's definition of success - to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and be comfortable with the image you see reflected.

It is poignant and heartening that Colin Schooling is remembered in this affectionate way.

Sabrina Lim

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