Forum: Give examples of over-consumption of healthcare services

Some long-term Integrated Shield Plan (IP) policyholders are quite puzzled and anxious about the proposed amendments to be made to their IP policies (MOH welcomes insurers' move to adjust terms for full rider IPs, Feb 12).

The insurers' reason was concern over rising healthcare costs due to over-consumption, over-servicing and over-charging.

As a senior holding an IP policy for more than 20 years without any previous claim, I was looking at full compensation should some serious illness befall me in my old age - which is what I have been paying for all these years with the high premiums of the IP policy. Now I find that I am penalised by co-payments due to someone else's excessive claims.

A normal person would avoid seeing a doctor, much less a healthcare specialist, unless persuaded to by pain or persistent discomfort.

Why should the insurers conveniently take the blunderbuss approach to the detriment of the honest majority? Should they not first check the claims records of the errant few to assess their future premiums like how the motor industry does it?

Please give us examples of over-consumption, over-servicing and over-charging so that concerned policyholders like me may avoid high healthcare costs.

Wong Bheet Huan

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