Forum: Give ex-offenders proper help and training to contribute better to company's success

Former drug addicts can become independent and useful members of society if they are gainfully employed (Former drug addicts deserve to live without stigma, Sept 4).

Yellow Ribbon Singapore has done a commendable job in rebuilding the lives of former offenders through skills and long-term career development as well as helping them secure jobs before their release.

However, such good efforts will come to nothing if other stakeholders fail to chip in and play an equally pivotal role.

Some employers are not prepared to take the risk of engaging workers with records of offences such as drug abuse.

Some who do hire these workers may not do enough to help previously misguided employees become better workers and citizens.

Managers or supervisors should lend a willing, attentive ear to these subordinates who have grievances - personal or otherwise - and also try to understand the background or problems of these workers under their charge.

These workers may need more encouragement, which will help them develop a sense of security and self-confidence. This will help them adjust and cope with the challenges along the way.

With proper training and skills upgrading, former offenders can contribute to the success of the organisation they work in and, more importantly, overcome the socio-economic challenges facing them.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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