Forum: Give equal reward for same outcome - bringing glory to country by winning medal

Olympic medallists are celebrated for their successes on the world stage. They are embraced for their dedication, excellence and grit.

I understand that Singapore's monetary awards for sporting success differ based on whether it is a world event, a regional event or a national event.

But the Paralympic Games is a periodic international multi-sport event involving athletes with a range of physical disabilities.

Due recognition must be given to the tremendous hard work put in by the Paralympic medallists.

The amount of sweat and time a disabled athlete expends to master a sport could be much more than that of an able-bodied athlete.

We should not separate the different categories of athletes when it comes to rewarding them when the final outcome of bringing glory to the country is the same.

Our leaders have been advocating acceptance of disabled people at workplaces. We should start by giving equal monetary awards to all athletes.

Corporate sponsors who are sincere in acknowledging the success of Paralympic athletes should consider more sponsorship and ambassador roles for them.

Foo Sing Kheng

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