Forum: Give blood donors access to their records

In Japan, each blood donor receives a biochemical analysis of his blood a few weeks after his donation. This report contains information such as cholesterol level, albumin level and level of total protein.

Furthermore, the last three such reports are available online for donors to keep track of their blood test results. Paper records are also available for those who are not used to electronic devices.

This free health screening is one of the reasons why I keep going back to the blood banks as a regular donor.

In Singapore, I am sure each blood donation is tested, with the information being recorded somewhere. Therefore, it would be great if donors could gain access to their own records.

It could also encourage more people to become donors and eventually boost the national supply.

Having access to these records can benefit middle-aged people like me and prevent conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis and cardiac dysfunction from developing, before it is too late.

I have been glad to receive small gifts of appreciation from donation centres I have been to, but I think access to data would be more beneficial for both parties.

Saito Kaoru

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