Forum: Form small teams of top talent to solve pressing national issues

An innovative approach to economic growth has allowed the public and private sectors to come together to collaborate as partners (Singapore to reignite growth with collaborative approach, Nov 20).

Research suggests that public-private partnership tie-ups can yield win-win situations with positive outcomes.

Here is something worth exploring: Taking it a step further by aggregating top talent from industry and academia - local or international - into small, independent and agile teams to solve problems of national significance that hold the keys to the post-pandemic future.

Depending on how needs have changed, these people could be moved in and out of teams as and when required.

Such a special forces-style, "decentralised command" approach to innovation - small, agile, first-responder teams comprising highly skilled and well-trained experts who are allowed to operate independently of mainstream organisations and protocols - would be able to move in fast, get the job done, and then move on quickly to the next task.

In the post-Covid-19 world of the digital economy and technological disruption, radical approaches to innovation are the way to go to manage constant flux.

Woon Wee Min

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