Forum: Firms strongly encouraged to re-employ those nearing retirement age

We refer to the letters by Mr Patrick Tan Keong Boon (Converting full-time roles to part-time may hurt companies in the long run, Aug 19) and Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng (Offering senior workers part-time arrangements can be win-win, Aug 22).

We agree with both writers that our senior workers have much to offer, with their wealth of experience.

We strongly encourage employers to re-employ senior workers who are approaching retirement age and wish to continue working.

They can do so by building more age-friendly workplaces through job redesign, offering customised flexible work arrangements, and engaging their senior workers early to prepare them for re-employment.

When negotiating re-employment contracts, employers should refer to the Tripartite Guidelines on Re-employment of Older Employees and discuss with their senior workers any reasonable adjustments on their duties and employment terms.

Some workers may choose to switch from full-time to part-time roles, with the agreement of their employers.

Employers should not expect part-time workers - whether young or old - to undertake the same workload as their full-time counterparts.

Part-time workers with unreasonably high workloads should discuss the matter with their employers.

They are also entitled to additional pay if required to work beyond contracted working hours. Part-time workers who do not receive their salaries in full should file their claims early with the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management.

To support the employment of senior workers, employers are eligible for wage offsets under the Senior Employment Credit scheme. They can also apply for funding under Workforce Singapore's Support for Job Redesign-Productivity Solutions Grant to help them redesign jobs and the Part-time Re-employment Grant to provide part-time re-employment opportunities.

Lee Chung Wei
Divisional Director
Workplace Policy and Strategy Division
Ministry of Manpower

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