Forum: Firms should not take advantage of students working part-time by not paying CPF

I am dismayed by the antics of some employers who try to take advantage of students in part-time jobs.

A family member found a part-time position with a local company in the food sector. He was informed that his 12-day work stint would not be entitled to Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution as he is still a student, and could be considered only as a casual worker.

According to CPF regulations, any Singaporean earning more than $50 a month engaged under a contract of service - casual, part-time or full-time - is entitled to CPF contribution.

It was only when I insisted that the CPF contribution be paid that the company agreed to do so.

I believe many part-time workers are facing the same issue, especially during this pandemic period when jobs could be scarce.

Cash payment for work done will most likely be offered in lieu of CPF contribution. Part-timers are among the lowest rungs of workers in Singapore, with no union protection. They deserve fair treatment and remuneration after a day of hard work.

Employers must realise that a fairly compensated worker is a happy worker. And a happy worker is a productive asset to a company.

Foo Sing Kheng

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