Forum: Fine those who ignore symptoms and later test positive for Covid-19

It has been reported in the past week that several infectious people did not see a doctor when they fell sick. They sought medical treatment days or even weeks after the first symptoms appeared.

In the meantime, they went to work and frequented public places. This is selfish behaviour.

It is also criminal because even though they had not been tested, if they were already infectious, they would have been carrying an invisible "weapon" around.

They eventually tested positive, causing much inconvenience and fear.

Is it not time for the authorities to impose some sort of punitive action on such people?

Should people who do not seek treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear and subsequently test positive for Covid-19 be fined?

When we do not wear masks in public, we are fined; so should those who carry the coronavirus wherever they go, just because they chose not to see a doctor.

Ng Kim Yong

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