Forum: Fine irresponsible residents for dumping items

Despite notices put up by town councils on their websites and on display boards around housing estates informing Housing Board residents of free removal of bulky items for the first three items, some inconsiderate residents persist in dumping their unwanted items at lift landings, along corridors and even on staircases (Discarded items less of an issue, but call to stop irresponsible dumping, Feb 8).

Town councils have even taken the trouble to demarcate a designated area at the void deck for bulky items.

Unwanted items are also collected outside residents' units or along corridors, when they make such arrangements.

This thoughtless practice of irresponsible dumping becomes an annual habit, particularly during the spring cleaning period.

It appears that the advice has fallen on deaf ears, and cleaners are given extra work on top of their daily routine.

Such discarded items pose a fire hazard, and are also an eyesore.

The numerous closed-circuit television cameras in housing estates should be used to catch culprits in the act, so that they can be fined. It seems the only way to keep the surroundings clean is to hit irresponsible residents where it hurts most - their pockets. The threat of such action also serves as a deterrent.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan