Forum: Fees charged by LPA certificate issuers are fair for the services provided

I refer to Mr Ng Sung Nang’s letter, “LPA certificate issuers charging hefty fees for their services” (Dec 10).

The fees charged by lasting power of attorney (LPA) certificate issuers reimburse professionals for their time and expertise. The fees Mr Ng says he was cited appear fair for the time that a doctor or lawyer would need to spend to witness and certify the LPA.

An LPA allows a person to appoint donees to act on his behalf if he loses his mental capacity. If an LPA has not been made by a person who loses his mental capacity, a deputyship assessment may need to be done instead. The document allows a person’s wishes to be respected instead of having decisions made by someone appointed by the court.

A deputyship assessment is more tedious and challenging, and the legal fees would be more costly compared with the fees charged by LPA certificate issuers.

I would compare this to a situation in which a person chooses not to make a will due to the legal costs involved. If he were to die without leaving a will, his family would be left with even larger legal bills from having to apply for letters of administration or to have the public trustee administer the estate.

Lim Kah Wee

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