Forum: Fear that Chinese Singaporeans support China purely due to race is misplaced

Mr Vijayakumar P.T.'s statements on Chinese Singaporeans seem mere conjecture, gleaned from his interactions with his Chinese friends (Hope for Chinese Singaporeans to objectively evaluate China's actions, May 10).

I believe that Chinese Singaporeans are generally objective. Any fear that we support China just because we are Chinese is misplaced.

I prefer some products from Japan, South Korea and some Western countries to those from China, given the better quality, design and innovation, despite the higher price points.

And there are enough of us who view with disdain the documented boorish behaviour of some tourists from China.

We consume most of the media that is available to us, including CGTN, the Global Times, CNN, CNBC and BBC, and have enough of a basis to form an objective opinion.

On the issue of Covid-19 vaccines, it is simplistic to assume that people who opted for Sinovac, despite its lower efficacy, did so because they are pro-China.

They could have been found medically unsuitable for mRNA vaccines and some could have been fearful of severe reactions.

There will always be a group of people who tend to align themselves to their country of ethnic origin, and this transcends all races.

Singapore is a multiracial society. The Government has put in place measures to foster inter-racial harmony, which may still be a work in progress. Citizens are aware of the need to co-exist peacefully and harmoniously. There is freedom of worship. Mixed marriages are common.

Hence, Singapore is well-placed to ensure that all races live, work and play as Singaporeans.

Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan

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