Forum: F&B outlets and customers can do their bit over requests for water

I refer to Professor Walter Woon Cheong Ming’s letter, “Time to end restaurants’ ‘no free water’ policy” (May 20). It was unfortunate that Prof Woon’s wife was unable to obtain warm water for her granddaughter at a restaurant.

The issues raised in his letter are not new and have been raised previously (Mandate that businesses serve free water, July 30, 2018). Such unsympathetic practices by F&B outlets ought to be stopped and given more thought by their owners, especially those wanting to stand out in terms of service in this highly competitive industry.

That said, given the rising costs of operating a restaurant in this inflationary environment, customers should also understand the pressures faced by restaurant operators.

Singaporeans should also consider bringing their own water to cater to the needs of the young and the elderly during outings. From my experience, many restaurants would not object to such customers consuming their own water.

Kenny Chua Chien Yee

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