Forum: Factual content has to be presented even if deemed unsettling

I agree with Mr Isaac Neo that there should be more safeguards in place to ensure that unsubstantiated content is not presented as factual in schools (Greater safeguards needed in schools against discriminatory content about LGBTQ people, July 21).

Professionals, especially educators, have a responsibility to verify information before sharing it in professional settings. It is also the role of professionals to present facts even if they can be perceived to be inconvenient or unsettling.

For example, facts about the ongoing monkeypox crisis need to be disclosed for us to protect the vulnerable. The World Health Organisation, in declaring it a global health emergency, said the outbreak is concentrated among men who have sex with men.

This point could be misrepresented by ill-intentioned individuals to perhaps paint gay people in a bad light and discriminate against them. Yet it must be presented to prevent the disease from spreading and to save lives.

The more sensitive a matter, the more care we must take to ensure that points made are accurate and the presentation is reasonable. As our society progresses to be even more caring and sensitive, we must also be careful not to discard all inconvenient information.

Lim Jun Bin

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