Forum: Extend accreditation to those that serve people with disabilities

In the past, there was too much emphasis on training people with disabilities and not enough on training employers to work with them.

I am glad that this issue is being addressed now (New accreditation for firms hiring people with disabilities, Oct 9).

I suggest that the Government also implement an accreditation framework for professional service providers who serve people with disabilities.

This would protect those with disabilities, as well as their caregivers, from poorly trained service providers, especially those offering dubious non-evidence-based therapies.

Also, professional service providers working with people with disabilities that also employ such people in support of their services should be recognised for their doubly inclusive efforts and be given a Double Enabling Mark.

I look forward to the day when we will all take for granted the fact that we are working together with colleagues with different support needs, just as we take for granted the fact that we work with colleagues of different races and religions.

Dino Trakakis