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Will S’poreans have enough savings for retirement?

The red-hot public housing market presents more than just immediate problems for young Singaporeans today. As flat prices rise, residents will need to spend more of their Central Provident Fund savings to pay for their homes, eroding the amount left for their retirement. 

With the cost-of-living crisis, buoyant property prices and marginal real wage growth, will Singaporeans have adequate savings for their retirement?

Muhammad Rasyid Abdullah

Courts should be fenced

My friends and I were recently at Bedok Community Centre, which has two sheltered basketball courts at its front entrance. Some boys were playing basketball there, and their ball bounced out and almost hit us and the cars turning into the driveway.

The boys apologised, but I think they were not to blame. The basketball courts should be fenced for safety.

Rachel Tan Wee Cho

Reconsider proposal on quiet time

I read with concern the article on the Community Advisory Panel on Neighbourhood Noise proposing a new silent period of 10pm to 8am (Panel recommends extending quiet time in neighbourhoods, Nov 24).

This proposal does not take into consideration the practice of elderly residents stretching their bodies on their balconies in the morning. Some noise may be unavoidable as they do taiji or other exercises.

Roland Chan

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