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Music should not bother residents

Now that there are plans to turn Gillman Barracks into a lifestyle hub, I hope the authorities will be mindful of the well-being of residents in the nearby estates.

That one of the new tenants will have live music raises concern. We have had a couple of unpleasant encounters with one of the existing outlets, where outdoor live music disturbed residents in the evening.

I hope live music will be kept indoors. If it is outdoors, I hope the tenant will work out acceptable volume limits.

Chan Chuan Kong

Rubbish left at cemetery

I was really shocked at the sorry state of the Lim Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery when I visited recently.

There were heaps of rubbish under trees in one area where all the work on the nearby graves had been completed, but the contractors had not picked up the garbage.

I hope the relevant authorities will inspect the cemetery, give a stern warning to the contractors and set a deadline for them to remove the rubbish. They should be fined if they fail to do so.

Nazneen Zafar

Long wait for vouchers

I wrote to HomeTeamNS on my dad’s behalf in July to request hard-copy NS55 vouchers as he does not have a smartphone (Ineligible for printed NS55 credits vouchers despite years with SAF, Oct 24). I was told he would have to wait for three or four months, and he has yet to receive them.

The vouchers come with a time period in which they have to be used, and will have to be collected at a HomeTeamNS clubhouse.

Why make things difficult for seniors to use their credits?

Rashid Osman

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