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Waiting fee not best way to tackle issue

It is regrettable that ride-hailing companies have lapsed into the same consumer-unfriendly habits they previously challenged (Shorter grace period and new $3 waiting fee for Gojek from Sept 26, Sept 19).

I question how fair a waiting fee is when passengers could be delayed for various reasons beyond their control, including drivers waiting in an incorrect location.

If the intent is to punish customers who are frequently late, surely it would be more effective to blacklist specific app users.

Paul Chan Poh Hoi

Smell of rotten produce puts diners off

I visited the Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre with its popular hawker stalls recently.

The iconic market, with its array of fresh produce, herbs and ingredients hard to find elsewhere, was bustling as usual.

Unfortunately, the waft of rotten food produce from the market put me off, especially when I was eating in the hawker centre above the market.

How can I be proud to take overseas visitors to the market?

Heather Seow Suan Keow

Cabbies should put service first

I was at Suntec City recently, eager to get back to my office after lunch before it rained again. I observed that after dropping their passengers off, some taxi drivers immediately put on their "on call" signs and proceeded to circle the Suntec fountain, waiting for bookings.

Finally, a driver picked me up after dropping off his son. He was friendly and chatted with me on the way to my office in Aljunied.

I am grateful for drivers who make an honest living offering rides when passengers need them most.

Sophia Tan Chay Lee

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