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Disclosing CEO pay will help investors

I support the Singapore Exchange's push for full disclosure of chief executive pay and a nine-year cap on tenure for independent directors (SGX makes push for full disclosure of CEO pay, Sept 14).

The disclosure should include details of share options and the basis for calculating performance-related remunerations.

Limiting the tenure of independent directors would ensure a regular stream of board members who take a "cold eye" approach towards the company's operation.

Sum Kam Weng

Lights and fans at wake left on all night

A few nights ago, a funeral company set up a wake at my void deck. The following morning, I saw that the lights, ceiling fans and standing fans were on even though the family of the deceased had not arrived yet, and suspected that they had been left on the entire night. I switched off the standing fans.

I understand that undertakers cannot always be there to turn on the lights and fans for the family as they arrive. However, leaving them on when people are not there is a huge waste of electricity, especially during an energy crisis.

Sophia Tan Chay Lee

Corridors must be kept clear

The announcement that enforcement on cluttered corridors will be stepped up to tackle hoarding is long overdue, in view of several recent cases of fire in Housing Board flats (Enforcement on cluttered corridors to be stepped up, Sept 13).

I have also observed more people placing bicycles and motorised mobility devices along the corridor, narrowing the passageway.

An obstructed corridor can impede evacuation during an emergency.

Jeff Tan Hong Liak

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