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Fine drivers who use horn unnecessarily

Singapore needs to manage noise pollution for better quality of life here.

One inconsiderate and unnecessary cause of noise pollution occurs in carparks - some drivers let passengers know they have arrived by sounding the car horn. They do this even early in the morning or late at night.

To use the horn in an enclosed space produces an amplified sound, especially in a carpark surrounded by blocks of flats. Imposing a fine on those who use the horn unnecessarily will definitely deter such ugly behaviour.

Matthew Yeo

Allow free uploading of vaccine certs

I agree with Mr George Goh that additional payment should not be required to update one's overseas vaccination records in the National Immunisation Registry (Updating records with overseas vaccination shouldn't cost so much, Sept 7).

It is acceptable to require those without a digitally verifiable vaccination certificate to take a serology test, and to make them pay for it.

But for those who have a digitally verifiable vaccination certificate, why not allow them to upload it directly via HealthHub?

Dharmarajan Rajarathnam (Dr)

Label drinks with high caffeine too

Food and beverage outlets will be required to label drinks with a Nutri-Grade mark in their menus to show their level of sugar and saturated fat by the end of next year.

Pre-packaged drinks will include the mark by the end of this year.

More information about the beverages should be included, like their caffeine content.

Too much caffeine poses negative side effects like dehydration, headaches and fast heart rate.

Hannah Chua Hui Zhen

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