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Many not obeying hospital visiting rules

In the past two months, I have been visiting two hospital wards regularly, and have noticed many visitors not observing visiting rules.

Some visitors walk around the wards without wearing a mask, eat their takeaway meals in the wards, sit on patients' beds or use toilets designated for patients.

I can't help but worry about vulnerable patients should this rule-breaking continue. I hope everyone will be considerate when visiting hospital patients, and that the visiting rules will be better enforced.

Philip Ong

Too many coffee shops in the area

Recently, a department store below my block made way for a coffee shop, despite there being already four large coffee shops in the area.

The area has problems with rodents and cockroaches, and the heat, smell and noise have caused some distress to residents.

As much as I want to support the livelihood of hawkers, I hope the authorities also consider the well-being of residents.

An oversupply of coffee shops could also create tough competition for hawkers.

Lily Koh Bee Ching

Incentivise households to save energy

With high energy prices, Singapore needs to find a way to reduce household energy use.

One solution could be to charge households a premium for using electricity above the average usage, and give them a discount for usage that is below the average.

This would nudge consumer behaviour to reduce energy use, and incentivise thosewho are energy-efficient to sustain their efforts.

Over time, this would bring the national average down.

Talib Dohadwala

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