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Name another road after Sang Nila Utama

I am happy there will be a new road named after Sang Nila Utama, widely regarded as the founder of Singapura (New road in Bidadari to partially open to traffic from Sept 25, Aug 20).

It would be nice to have another road named after him, perhaps in the Marina Bay area.

He must have traversed the sea there before landing ashore and establishing his palace at Bukit Larangan (Fort Canning) in 1299.

To make it more relevant, use the name for the road gateway to the soon-to-be-established Founders' Memorial in Marina East.

Yusoff Abdul Latiff

Are masks needed in lifts?

A lift is a very confined space. It can be packed at times, especially during peak hours.

There is no escape if someone coughs or sneezes inside a lift.

The purpose of masks is to protect others, not the persons wearing it.

Can the authorities clarify if masks are needed in lifts?

Er Kheng Joo

Speak up if you need seat

I have seen many elderly people standing beside young adults occupying reserved seats on public transport.

I could tell that these elderly people wanted to sit down, but were perhaps too shy to ask those occupying the seats.

Although silence is viewed somewhat favourably in our Asian society, speaking up is sometimes necessary to get things done.

The young person who occupied the reserved seat could have been genuinely unaware of the senior's presence.

Teo Kok Seah

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