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Make refunds for Touch 'n Go card easier

I believe many motorists are still holding expired Touch 'n Go cards for use in Malaysia, with unused balances.

The refund process is very cumbersome and requires a Malaysian bank account, which most Singaporeans do not have.

I hope the Touch 'n Go company will arrange to have an office in Johor Bahru to make it easier for motorists to get refunds for the unused amount in their expired card or to transfer the balance to a new card.

Harry Lim Cheng Chwee

Merlion is original Singapore icon

Long before Marina Bay Sands (MBS) came on the scene, there was already a Singapore icon - the Merlion (Time to have a new icon for Singapore skyline, Aug 2).

Maybe the Merlion statue at Marina Bay looks rather small when compared to the massive MBS towers.

Perhaps a bigger Merlion can be built around the southern coast if space can be found.

High-end retail outlets, hotels and other tourist attractions can also be built around the area.

Edward Chan

Curb bad practices by bus drivers

I refer to the letter "Bus captain waited patiently for elderly passengers to board and be seated" (July 28).

Unfortunately, there are times when bus drivers have not given good service. They wait too long at a bus stop even where there are no passengers boarding or alighting. They intentionally drive slowly and passengers end up taking a longer time to get to their destination.

I hope the bus operators will take measures to curb such practices.

Foo Kwang Sai

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