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Promote parcel locker delivery option

The receiving of parcels via parcel lockers should be better promoted (S'pore-wide parcel locker usage low after a year, July 27).

I chanced upon the option to collect my parcel at a Pick locker when I bought something online some time ago.

The experience was hassle-free - just key in a code and the door pops open.

But in my subsequent online purchases, I could not find a Pick locker option.

I hope more online platforms can include parcel lockers in their delivery options.

Lim Chui Kiang

Have separate category for pricier cars

There are many factors which result in high certificate of entitlement prices, but it is essentially demand and supply.

Someone who wants to buy a multi-purpose vehicle to ferry his children would have to compete in the same Category B as those buying a Ferrari or Porsche.

It is time for a recalibration. Those who can afford to buy expensive cars should compete in a revised B+, a separate category from those of us whose cars are a means of transport for the family.

Alfred Lim

Relook National Day decorations

This year's lead-up to National Day feels a little different. Having been to a few estates, I have noticed that the decorations are mainly Singapore flags and banners bearing our national symbols such as the lion's head and the national flower.

As much as I welcome this move - which lets the decorations be reused in subsequent years - I do hope that banners can still be put up featuring faces representing the young and old and our multiracial and multicultural Singapore.

Koh Hui Wen

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