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Onus on all to keep toilets clean

I disagree with Mr Jack Sim's suggestion to take coffee shop operators to task if toilets are not clean (Take operators to task if coffee shop toilets not clean, July 20).

The users of public toilets should also be educated to clean up after they are done. The onus is on both toilet operators and users to be socially responsible.

For years, diners would just leave their leftovers and dirty cutlery for cleaners to clear up after their meals. Now that tray return is mandatory, we have cleaner public eating places to dine in. Do we need the threat of a fine to keep our surroundings clean?

Cindy Tan Chwee Noi

'No added sugar' label misleading

Businesses should not be allowed to give customers the impression their beverages are healthy when they are not.

For instance, some sellers of coconut shakes claim that no sugar is added to their products when the drinks are actually laden with sugar and fat. They reason that they can use the no-sugar phrase because they mix coconut water and ice cream, and hence do not need to add any sugar.

A hard stance has to be taken on inaccurate labelling by businesses for the war on diabetes to be won.

Jeremy Ko Sheng Wei

Are mobility devices used safely?

More motorised mobility devices are being used on the streets. I have seen seniors, persons with disabilities, delivery workers, domestic helpers and even parents ferrying young children using the devices.

I wonder how many of the devices were purchased online. The buyers may lack the awareness, knowledge and skills to operate the devices safely. Some riders are also going at speed and disregarding the safety of others.

The authorities should review the regulations on such devices so that the public and mobility device users can use the streets safely.

Foo Kwang Sai

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