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Current checkpoint not fully utilised

I was driving past Malaysian immigration towards Woodlands Checkpoint at about 7.45am last week.

Traffic came to a standstill, and it took about one hour to reach the Woodlands Checkpoint counters. I was shocked to see that only three out of 10 lanes were operating in the section I was driving in. In the next section, I also saw three out of 10 lanes operating.

Recently, it was announced that Woodlands Checkpoint will be expanded to meet the future increase in land crossings. But if the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority cannot operate at the current full capacity, what is the purpose of expansion?

Vasudivan Sunappan

Fooled by agency before trip

I have been looking forward to a trip to Bangkok. When I tried to apply for the Thailand Pass, I searched online and landed on what I thought was an official Thai government website.

I was led to pay more than $100 for the Thailand Pass. I realised only later that the application is free and I had paid a Thai travel website.

It was my own fault for not reading carefully and checking.

I would like to warn fellow travellers, especially if they are unlucky enough to land on that page first.

Ng Wee Hiang

Modify COE bidding system

To make cars more affordable, I suggest the Government modify the current system of bidding for certificates of entitlement (COEs).

Divide the COEs equally into two categories. The first for self-bidding, in which bids are opaque and the bidder has to pay what he bid. The other would be the current system of bidding through car distributors.

We could then see a truer COE price which is not affected by bids from motor distributors. If the price of self-bid COEs is way below that of the current system, rules could be set on the minimum period of ownership or by imposing a certain penalty.

Koh Ban Aik

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