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Blood donor age limit here too low

I agree with Ms Wong Shi Hui's call for more to step forward and donate blood (Step forward as blood donor to ensure adequate supply for community, Feb 1).

However, blood from only donors below 60 is accepted in Singapore. Other countries set the age limit higher, and some have no age limit at all.

Esben Johnsen

Don't depend on banks for new notes

The public mindset towards new currency notes that really needs to change is the expectation that banks will supply such notes (Mindset on new notes in hongbao has to change, Feb 1).

With some effort, collecting good-as-new notes through one's daily dealings is not that difficult. I have been able to do just that for a while now. After all, the new notes given in hongbao are not just kept by recipients, and they do go back into circulation.

Ooi Mun Kong

Master the art of listening

If we still have yet to make a resolution for the new year, why not make a resolution to master the art of listening?

This resolution needs only patience, tolerance and genuine interest in the well-being of others. Developing the art of listening helps people to have better relations with family members, friends, teachers, neighbours, bosses and colleagues.

The simple and gentle art of listening to others generates positive vibes and helps to develop cordial relations and all-round cheer.

T.V.A. Ram

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