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I have noticed people placing their face masks on tables when eating at public places such as hawker centres, coffee shops and restaurants.

The front side of the face mask may contaminate the surface of the table, where food is placed. Other diners cannot be expected to enjoy their food if they know that used face masks have been left on the table surface.

I hope everyone will continue to play a part to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong


The underground open space between CityLink Mall and the Esplanade has long been a haven for skateboarders.

They gather in groups to skateboard, loiter, eat and drink. And in these Covid-19 times, they continue to do so mostly unmasked in that enclosed area.

They are an eyesore, create a racket and damage the floors and walls of that public space.

Metal barriers and signs put up a few months ago did not stop them.

I have alerted the police several times, to no avail. Why is this allowed to go on?

Cheryl Lim


I share the same sentiments as Mr Harry Tong (Not able to donate medication after wife's death, Nov 29).

My husband, who had been on medication, was suffering from high blood pressure and heart and cholesterol issues. He died in October, and I was left with more than three months' worth of unopened medication.

I tried to give some of the drugs to my friends who are taking the same medication, but am still left with others. I understand that some of these are not cheap.

Perhaps there could be a central deposit for us to donate drugs to help others in need.

Christina Lee

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