Forum: Ensure stringent storage conditions for Covid-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine requires stringent storage requirements and proper shelf life control.

The authorities have probably done various analyses and developed the necessary action plans to ensure the vaccines are transported correctly, kept in storage correctly, thawed correctly and used correctly.

Some questions to keep in mind include whether there is a system to track the viability of individual Covid-19 vaccine vials down to the end point when the vaccine is administered to a patient.

What system do we have to prevent or detect an accidental retrieval of the vaccine from cold storage or a re-storage of the vaccine back into cold storage? How do we track the thaw duration of individual vials?

How do we prevent mixing of vials from different batches or lots? How do we prevent or detect or track re-storage?

How do we track the room temperature exposure time of each vaccine vial to ensure that it meets the necessary conditions at the point of use?

Some have suggested using blockchain technology for authenticity and transparency in record keeping.

One other option is to have barcodes with relevant information on each vaccine vial for traceability and verification before injection.

We need a foolproof system where we can trace, track and assess each vaccine vial at the point of use.

Andrew Tan Kok Chua

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