Forum: Ensure paediatric facilities have enough resources to cope with Covid-19 cases

I suspect it will be some time before the Covid-19 vaccines are approved for children, especially very young children like my two-year-old son.

As the rest of Singapore counts down towards Nov 21, when the Government is likely to ease more measures, I hope we can be assured that children's hospitals (such as KK Women's and Children's Hospital) and paediatric wards in regular hospitals have adequate resources to cope.

I note that it is rare for young children who contract Covid-19 to experience severe symptoms (Boy, 4, in ICU among 4 kids hit by rare syndrome linked to Covid-19, Nov 7). However, as our country opens up, I fear we may see more paediatric cases in the intensive care unit and perhaps even deaths.

I pray that my son will not be infected and become seriously ill. If he does, I hope that our paediatric hospital facilities will have enough resources to give him the highest standard of care.

I believe I can speak for all parents when I say that we want our children to have the best chance against fighting Covid-19 and any possible long-term effects on their health, at least until a vaccine is approved for their age group.

Yeo Kim Boon

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