Forum: Ensure markets and hawker centres are accessible too

I am glad that the Land Transport Authority will install more lifts at overhead bridges across the island (LTA looking at installing lifts at another 250 overhead bridges, Aug 15).

Given Singapore's fast-ageing population, lifts are not a luxury but a necessity.

Lifts should also be installed outside wet markets and food centres, such as at the Empress Road Market and Food Centre in Farrer Road.

Besides having to navigate the nearby overhead bridge, people also need to climb four flights of stairs to get to and from the market, which is below street level.

Many senior residents struggle to make such a climb, especially when they are carrying bags of groceries or dragging a market trolley.

There is a risk of accidents if they take a tumble.

Markets and hawker centres are locations frequented by many seniors.

They prefer getting their groceries at the wet markets near their homes than at supermarkets, and prefer having their meals at hawker centres where they also socialise with friends.

Difficulty accessing these places may result in seniors preferring to stay home, thus leaving them more isolated and inactive, and this will have consequences for their health.

Oei Khoen Hwa

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